• Have you seen the news that Mark Zuckerberg could control his home, including his lights, temperature, appliances via Messenger? We are doing the same thing as him.


    We call this “COT”.


    The main idea behind CoT (Conversation of Thing) is to communicate with objects. You can control the internet of appliances by simply talking to communication software. To make it reality, we base on state-of-the-art technology as well as the techniques of ChatBot popping up this year, and finally we’ve created practical CoT available for appliances.

  • CoT =Chat +AI+Hardware interface +Form

    Techniques used when developing CoT


    There are more than 1 billion users on communication software where it’s a familiar platform to many people.
    What happen if we apply CoT to control the internet of appliances ?


    This is our motivation to create CoT.

  • It took 20 days from scratch to finish.

    To accomplish this dream of COT, we started from the appliances, integrated both software and hardware, and then developed practicable networking software and hardware in 10 days. Another 10 days, we focus on stress testing and debugging.

    The input of our CoT product can be either voice or text on Messenger. During the process, we apply speech recognition and natural language processing, identify the order of the mission by cloud servers, and make command to the object in the end. It supports Chinese, English, French and Spanish.

    Messenger is the platform we chose, but aside from Messenger, other communication software or apps can integrate COT as well.

  • What kind of form to demonstrate?

    It is important to develop software and hardware. Besides, with AI growing rapidly, many developers realize the importance of the form in order to demonstrate and hope that bot, communication audience, can have more affinity. We move forward based on this idea, and we cooperate with the illustrator who has the experience of product development in Disney. We make a cartoon character called Louis. It is the form we will keep developing in AI later on and we will also release its comics as well as animations in order to develop the relationship with users.


    No matter how capable software and hardware is, finally it will be accepted by people. Louis will become the audience for users to communicate.

    There are free Louis’ stickers available on the App Store (iOS 10 or greater).

  • Agile development

    We take the spirit of duct tape programmers to heart for developing products. This spirit is to describe those engineers who make the prototype of products simply by the tools close at hand. Without doubt, it is more complex for integrating software and hardware. From this point of view, we also borrow the technology of IoT.

    It took 20 days to develop the CoT appliances based on our ability to develop software plus the technical support from the partners of leading hardware Manufacturers.

  • We make it possible to let our teammate currently in Spain turn on the light in Taiwan.

    Separated by 10,338 km, we succeed in this work that our teammate living in Iberian Peninsula controlled Louis’ house which is in Taiwan. She just said simple command in French then the light was turned on.


    CoT is practicable no matter how far it is

    By sending a voice input on Messenger, we recognize it into texts and then apply in the semantics, ultimately make the decision and control the appliances.

  • Demonstrate our prototype to Bureau français de Taipei

    We’ve introduced our CoT product to French officials. We prove it is practicable to send a voice input on Messenger thus control the object.


    Future prospect of CoT


    Regarding CoT, Conversation of Thing, BotPartner think there are more than enough infrastructure for developing CoT than that before in terms of the market or the techniques. Besides, we have had many connections and skills. We will choose a different way which not only combining AI and networking appliances but also assigning an affinity impression to Louis.


    In the near future, after you log in to a certain Facebook fan page you can talk to Louis and then control the appliances from more than thousand kilometers away. This might be the starting point for intelligent appliances. We expect that you are with us.

  • CoT project under the MIT license.

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